Monday, March 10, 2008

Why can't you HAND me your money like how I HAND you your change/prescription!?

I should be at work right now. No, not at the pharmacy but "real" work. Yeah, I got a real job. My definition of a real job is anything that pays you more than stinking $10. Being a retail tech with only about 8 months of experience doesn't pay much. I'm more there for the experience with aspiration for Pharmacy school.

So why am I not at work?

So the last couple of days, it was raining. A lot of rain. It accumulated on my dilapidated piece of shit apartment complex and it started to drip in the bathroom. Long story short, a section of the ceiling is now on the floor so I'm here waiting for the maintenance guy to be finished cleaning and fixing it.


I would say it's only about 10% of all customers that I help who actually HANDS me their money. I appreciate it and tries exceptionally hard to help them if they have any problems.

On the other hand, I can't speak for the other 90% of fucking douchebags who seem to think a Pharmacy tech is riddled with the plague or something. They need to remember they're the one here picking up prescription(s) for who's know what disease. They're the one coughing in my face. I'M THE ONE AT RISK HERE! When it's time for them to pay, they'll throw the money down on the counter. I don't think I have ever, ever done that to anyone helping me check out at the register. I ALWAYS hand the cashier the money. It is a small sign of respect! But fucking douchebags just throw it on the counter. When I mean THROW, I literally mean it. They don't place it down nor even slide it to you, they just take it out of their cheap wallet or money clip and throw it at you. I feel like a cheap slut. I can't stand that and I can't say anything, but I'll bite my tongue and get them out of here ASAP. I don't even says "thanks, have a good day/night" to those types anymore. They just pisses me off too much.

What if I just throw their change or prescription on the counter. How would they feel. In a perfect world, that could happen. But admit it, we're not living in a perfect world. However, it'll be better when we're a Pharmacist. We won't have to deal with most of the customers. Consequently, at that juncture there will be other douchebags for us to worry about also.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that! If they do that to me now, I put their change on the counter for them to pick up themselves. One time, this guy threw his card at me and when I set the card on the counter and slid it back to him, he made a comment about how rude he thought I was being since he is the one paying. Sometimes if they throw down the card, I just point to the little swipe thing and they ALWAYS give a big sigh, ask which way to slide it, and then just stare at you like they don't know that its gonna ask questions such as debit or credit.